Today was my nephew’s 9th birthday so I wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday ( and a very belated one to my friend Jack :-* due to my lack of blogging)

So what do you buy a 9 year old boy?  Well you can’t go wrong with a light saber! and if you get a electronic colour-changing one with sound effects, even better!

That’s what I bought him btw.  Out of all the presents that was his favourite and there was even jumping up and down and cheering!… but then came the fun part, finding batteries for it because Darth Ellie forgot to get some 🙁 … but we scrounged some from various places and then the REAL FUN began.  Switch the lights off and have light saber battles in the dark!   I broke a nail, he had a nosebleed and something broke that we decided to blame on the cat but what fun we had haha.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY C, and don’t worry I am so getting you the Darth Vader voice changing mask for Christmas so long as you get me a purple light saber.

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