Welcome to the next tutorial. Please make sure you go through the first tutorial so you understand the basics before trying this one.

This is what we will be creating today:

Artweaver Filter Super Nova Banner

What have we done to this picture?

See the star bursts at the top left and bottom right of the image? See the pink fuzzy shadow around the signature? That is what we will be creating in this tutorial.

To achieve this effect you will need to have already installed the Plugin Pack. See Tutorial 1. If you haven’t then please do that now and come back.

Start with your banner sized image. I’m not going through all the stages of making a banner, that’s what Tutorial 1 is for!  Click on any of the following thumbs to view bigger size and details.

artweaver filter image 1

Tutorial Image 1

Click on Filter > Plugin Pack > Super Nova. This will open the Super Nova edit box and display a Starburst on your banner. You can move the starburst around and change the colour of it to suit your needs.

artweaver filter image 2

Tutorial Image 2

You can also apply this effect multiple times just by repeating the steps above.

artweaver filter image 3

Tutorial Image 3

Add your text signature in the usual way (see Tutorial 1 for details)

artweaver filter image 4

Tutorial Image 4

Adding the Drop Shadow effect to the text. Click on Layer > Drop Shadow

artweaver filter image 5

Tutorial Image 5

artweaver filter image 5a

Tutorial Image 5a

Change your settings to suit. Change the position using X and Y sliders, change the Radius of the drop shadow – smaller is more concentrated, larger is more diffuse. Change the opacity of the colour, and change the colour itself.

artweaver filter image 6

Tutorial Image 6

And there you have your new banner, with two starbursts and a signature with a fuzzy pink background.

Tutorial 3:  How to sharpen up blurry images.

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