Welcome to Tutorial 4 – Using Nozzles!

Here is the end result of this tutorial which I think is rather nice.

clover leaf nozzle border

So let’s get started. Begin with your basic banner – you can add the text now or later – it makes no difference really.

This tutorial involves something new – Using the Brush Palette. Now don’t worry as it really is simple and if you make any mistakes, well you can just undo or close your image without saving and start over!
artweaver noz image 1

Tutorial Image 1

Click on the Brush Tool from the Tools palette.  You will not be able to use the Brush Palette until you select this tool.   If your Brush Palette is closed, open it.  Then click on the Brush Type box and select Nozzles from the dropdown list. Then select Image Hose from the Type box if it is not already selected.

artweaver noz image 2

Tutorial Image 2

Select your Brush shape – in this case Circular – from the Type dropdown box.

artweaver noz image 3

Tutorial Image 3

Now along the bottom of the Brush Palette there are 4 boxes.  Click on the second box to open the dropdown list and select Clover Leaves.   Change your Brush Size to something suitable for the size of your image and the effect you want to achieve.  In this case my Brush Size is 25.

artweaver noz image 4

Tutorial Image 4

Click on your image where you want the Clover Leaves to appear.  You can then add Clover Leaves randomly all over your image.  However, in this case, we want to use them to create a border around the banner.  So click somewhere near the edge and then drag your cursor along the edges of your image.  You can do this in one go if you have a steady hand or you can stop and resume at any time.

When you are finished you should have something similar to the banner at the top of the tutorial.

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