Welcome to Tutorial 5 for Artweaver.

Here is the effect we are going to achieve in this tutorial:

fairy dust stars

Ok so normally I wouldn’t actually have this many stars and in this colour but this is just an example for the tutorial so you can clearly see the effect!

Right so, on with the tutorial! You have your basic banner primed and ready.

artweaver noz image 5a

Tutorial Image 1

From the Brush Palette (make sure you have it open) Select Artist Brushes from the Dropdown box on the top left of the Palette.

artweaver noz image 5

Tutorial Image 2

From the 3rd box along the bottom of the Brush Palette, select Fairy Dust. Change your colour to something appropriate.

artweaver noz image 6

Tutorial Image 3

Start clicking on your image to see the stars appear. I have added some in turquoise so you can easily see the effect. You can add one star with each click.

artweaver noz image 7

Tutorial Image 4

Or if you drag your cursor across the image, you can add many stars at once, for a random effect.

So that is basically how to access and use the Fairy Dust brush option.  I’m sure you can think up many uses for this brush.

Thanks for visiting today. Your comment is really appreciated.

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