Welcome to Tutorial 6 for Artweaver

We are still on Brushes and I want to show you just one more effect.

painted border

Adding a handpainted border/frame to your banner.

artweaver noz image 8

Tutorial Image 1

We are still in the Brush Palette.  This time, select Airbrushes from the top left dropdown box and Bristles from the Type box.

Change your colour if needed and then drag your cursor around the edges of your image.  You can do this in one go or in stages.  You can alter the size of your brush to make it narrower or wider.  Keep going until you have ‘framed’ your image with a handpainted-effect frame.

artweaver noz image 9

Tutorial Image 2

This image shows the finished border.  You can take more time than I did and make it a lot neater or make it messier and more handpainted if you prefer!

I hope you found these tutorials helpful.  Feedback is always welcome on the Forum and if you need any help with any of this, just post in the Artweaver thread there.

Thanks for visiting today. Your comment is really appreciated.

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