Ok I am waaaay too excited about this but look what I made today.

Ok, so I know that no one will probably EVER want to buy them but I really had a lot of fun designing them hehe.

I came home today and felt inspired to create something, so I decided to try out the shoe design option on Zazzle.  I think I’ve made 5-6 pairs tonight but they have to go through an approval process and this is the first one I made and it just got approved!  Yay!

I feel the need to make more shoes, but it is a little time consuming and I haven’t eaten yet and I need to watch True Blood in about twenty minutes, and as I’m typing this I’m thinking that actually if I could have a superpower I think right now I would like Hiro’s so I could stop time and get a whole lot of work done lol  That’s one handy power he has there.

Now, apart from these Keds shoes on Zazzle, I also came across a pattern for making these slippers the other day

So I can feel like Betty Grable
So I can feel like Betty Grable

I really want to make these NOW.  The ones in the photo don’t have any soles so I think if I was making them I would be adding some rubber soles, preferably non-slip.  (note to self:  track down supplier of non-slip rubber soles)  I really think my mum would love these, she loves the 40s and she has some peep-toe shoes, so I think maybe if I can find the sole suppliers, then I might make her a pair for christmas.  Of course she never wears flat anything but maybe she’ll love them and make an exception.

Now back to the shoe designing…

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