Right, first things first. Here is the link to download the very pretty and free knitted vest pattern I mentioned a few posts ago.
Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest

I already emailed to my knitting friend SG, so at least I remembered to do that.  Meanwhile I have about 65 tabs open in Firefox with all the things I need to remember to do, so now I’ve done this, that’s one less tab I need.

Next up is a fun thing I saw on Twitter.  Click on the link and then draw your cursor across the screen and see the kitty run.  Run kitty run (another tab gone from FF)

Is it going to rain click in the big yellow box and type in your zip or postal code and you’ll get instant weather predictions and find out if it’s is in fact going to rain.  (deletes yet another tab)

Classic Elite Yarns – list of all their issues with free patterns to download, it’s where the wicked eyelet vest above comes from.  (another tab gone, I am doing so well here)

UK Handmade – quite a new site.  Click on the image on the home page to download a free copy of their magazine (winter issue).  It’s a .pdf file and about 90 pages so give it a little time.  (yup another tab down)

Heart-o-matic – I don’t know why I like this so much as you can get most of the info from Etsy but this site allows you to view who hearts your shop, individual items, how many item views and also quickly do the same for other Etsy sellers.

The rest I’ll put behind a more tag for the LJ people since there’s video etc 🙂

Found this interesting video on Youtube  Louis CK on Conan O’Brien “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy”

It’s true what he says, everything is amazing, bigger, faster, more technologically advanced than ever and yet people aren’t happy. He suggested returning to simpler times which is why I posted it here since I’ve been talking handmade and homemade for a while, and this seemed to fit. There does seem to be more of a trend towards homemade, back to basics, a revolt against mass produced and people turning or returning to handcrafts or DIY. Making something yourself, achieving something, being able to say “I made that” does give you a sense of fulfilment that you don’t get from buying something in a shop. That deflated feeling you get after you get your shopping buzz happens so often that it’s even a syndrome now! People do feel empty even though everthing, like the guy says, is amazing. (another tab closed)

Excellent, seven tabs closed and now I’m going upstairs to get rid of all the stuff still piled up on the floor in the aftermath of furniture rearranging yesterday.

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