I’m a little depressed this morning as my eye has been bleeding more and Jack freaked me out last night with medical nightmare stories once he heard that my nose was also bleeding.  According to him I should have rushed off to the A & E at midnight last night or woke up my BIL to drive me there.  The subjunctival hematoma that I think I have was bleeding more last night which is what set off his panic attack.  I’ve never had this before but I thought that once it bled that was it, and then it would just eventually go away.  I didnt know that it would keep bleeding/bleed again.  Jack btw of course thinks it looks “cool as hell” and he wants one (or two) so he can “freak people at work out”.  Apparently there is a character in a David Gemmell book called Blood Eye who has eyes like mine and a streak of white hair (I’m still working on the hair). He also thinks I look like a vampire which is kinda cool and it does look freaky but if I wanted to pretend to be a vampire then I would have to wear a patch over the good eye since it’s not red.  I also have a bit of a headache on that side, behind the eye and temple, and went to bed last night wondering if perhaps I should get a doc to look at it just in case or whether I would wake up covered in blood (yes my mind works that way).  Causes for this include coughing and sneezing, heavy lifting, and high blood pressure.  I have all of those.  My Barry White voice bug, moving furniture around in the sewing room during the week, and my blood pressure was 146/84. The 84 is the good bit but the 146 isn’t so.  It was worse, it was over 90 so at least that’s improved.

Anyway to cheer myself up I bought stuff on ebay yesterday instead of writing my Jane Eyre essay which is due today!  I did think about asking for an extension due to bleeding eye but I can see ok so I haven’t yet.  If this headache doesn’t improve I might have to.

The first is vintage japanese kimono silk. I just loved the colours. The second is black stretch lace I bid for on a whim.  Who knows, maybe everyone will get black lace panties for Crimbo!  And the third is some blue organza mainly for making little bags – heh maybe to put the black lace knickers in!

If anyone wants to see the freaky eye, then it’s behind the cut. This was taken yesterday morning – it’s the one I posted on the forum yesterday – but it’s spread more now so I need to take more photos.

Thanks for visiting today. Your comment is really appreciated.

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