My missing fabric finally turned up today.  I was getting quite anxious as I had three ordered placed on 10th December to a place in Kentucky and two of them turned up on the 19th Dec and the other was just MIA.  I emailed them and they told me to wait until 10th Jan since that would be four weeks from date of order and then it would be considered missing.  I also asked the postman the other day if it was possible to be caught in a backlog somewhere, and then today he turned up with it saying I think that’s what you’ve been waiting for.  :cheer:

It took a little side trip to SWEDEN !!!  No idea what happened but it must have got separated from the other two packages and went off to Sweden for a mini break lol  It arrived in a big blue “Sweden Post” bag with redirections all over it.

Thank you Sweden!  Now I can get :sewing: with all the prettiness

Thanks for visiting today. Your comment is really appreciated.

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