I did this yesterday:

It’s that Can Can yarn I was talking about with Janien the other day.  It’s quite weird to knit with but I like it now that it’s finished.  It crinkles by itself, pretty cool really.  I was skeptical at first.  The yarn is multicoloured – dark blue, dark purple, a lighter purple and a wine colour.  I just hope mum likes it as she’s very fussy about colours and about lengths of scarves etc because she’s vertically challenged lol.

I’ve been trying to find a better photo of the yarn, this one should do I think

This is what it looks like when you buy it.  The “yarn” though it doesn’t seem like yarn (more like fishing net!), comes folded up like on the right side of the picture.  Then you have to open it up like on the left hand side of the picture. And then you knit into the top edge of it and keep doing that and it makes the ruffles.  Pretty amazing really.  It comes in all different colours and multicolours.

haha I feel like I’m in a sweat shop, or perhaps Santa’s workshop churning out all these presents at high speed.  Just been upstairs making a purse and now I’m back downstairs to do some baking :crazy: Things would not have to go so speedy if everything had arrived weeks ago instead of at the weekend :worried:

Still that’s another present DONE!
My back is killing me!  I’m either hunched over a sewing machine or hunched over the knitting!

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