So I’ve been feeling a little disillusioned lately and knackered, so um I haven’t been on the OU site to collect my last two results (one for the environmental studies course and the first one for the design course) it’s odd really as normally I’m checking every day to see if they’ve been marked but lately I just don’t care, plus (I can’t really blame this but) there is zero interaction on the site for one course and the Design course has no course books and I hate that, but since I have an assignment due tomorrow I thought it was about time I logged in to see the worst.  And actually it was really good lol  I got 90% for the first and 94% for the Design course.  I’m really surprised as I didn’t think I’d done a very good job on either which is why I’ve been avoiding the site and not checking the results or logging in to collecting the TMAs.

Thanks for visiting today. Your comment is really appreciated.

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