A camel is a horse designed by committee. (What I learned in Design School and other useless trivia)

So my design course which I am for the most part enjoying, is actually taking up quite a lot of my spare time on account of the amount of stuff you have to complete and upload to the “design studio” each week – this is in addition to the usual work that gets submitted to the tutors.  Needless to say that’s what I’ve been working on all morning – just when you think you’re up to date, you find something else you have to create /draw /design /upload /comment on /reply to etc.  It is kinda fun though and I’m wondering if that continues through all the design courses ie do they still use a design studio/group approach.

Anyway, got my results back from the t-shirt assignment – the one where you had to design a t-shirt but weren’t graded on the actual t-shirt.  I got 86%.  Anything that’s 85% and above is distinction level so I’m happy enough

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