A camel is a horse designed by committee. (What I learned in Design School and other useless trivia)

I finished (!) my assignment with one day to go and I’m feeling quite proud of that.  It was almost catastrophic as I realised after I’d submitted it that there was something wrong with the file size – it was way too small – and was able to resubmit it.  Now if I had submitted it at the last minute I probably wouldn’t have been able to resubmit, so when they tell you not to leave it to the last minute, this is why!

Really enjoyed this part of the course as we got to let the creative juices and our imaginations flow and get hands on by making some prototypes.  I would post up a photo of it but it could be the next big thing!  J/K !!!  Anyway, I’m just relieved to have it finished and submitted on time.

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