This is what I ended up giving mum for her birthday using the painting I did last month.  Unfortunately it did not arrive in time for her birthday last week, it arrived late so I only just gave it to her on Saturday instead of the Sunday before, which was her actual birthday.  But she liked it and said it was worth the wait!

This is the card using the original design in the previous post.  Yes I liked it so much I have it on my blog header too 🙂

and then I applied the same design to the little jewellery box.  The colours printed on the box are much deeper than on the card due to what they are printing on.  On the card they are quite pale.

I love the black lacquered look of the box.  They also do this in brown but I think the shiny black looks much better with this Chinese influenced design.  The jewellry is mine btw, I only put it there to give an idea of the size of the box.  Then I also made her a notebook, the one on the left with the cat is for her, the other two are for me 🙂

I got them printed up via the Cafepress shop as it was a special for Mum.

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