This week (and it has been a week!) I have been making these felted flowers.  I used this wool felt as a base to cut out all the flowers and then needle felted them using the merino roving.

Then once I did all the coloured flowers, I worked on the black centres using the same technique.
Once I had done all the flowers, I added leaves in the same way and then felted them on to the flowers.  I thought I would add something shiny to the centres to give them some bling, so I sat for some time sewing beads into the flower centres.

I made 13 of them in total, a baker’s dozen lol, I have no idea why I ended up with that number but somehow I did.  This one below is one of my favourites, I like the colour of the flower, the green beads in the centre and the light green leaves.
I put them all on little cards to make them look nicer and give them some appearance.  My Christmas making is officially underway!

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