There are some times something happens and you start to believe you are actually losing your mind.  It went something like this – I was sewing something really thick, and it was hurting my fingers and I was thinking I should really use a thimble, and then my brain said “hey, remember you used to collect thimbles?” Well actually until that point I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that I used to collect thimbles when I was travelling so thanks brain for jogging my memory.  Of course it would have been really useful if my brain had told me where they might be!

So then I got completely obsessed with finding the missing collection of what I thought might be as many as about six (?) thimbles.  I went through the entire house, I had no clue of where they might be stashed, and no memory of seeing them anywhere for a LONG time.  I used to have them on display in a little shadow box with some other little trinkets but that was a couple of houses ago and maybe not even in this country! So obsessed was I with this task that I even when out to the shed IN THE DARK with torch on my phone, to see if I could see anything that looked like a collection of thimbles sitting there among the spiderwebs just waiting to be discovered!  No joy.  Back to the house, pulled everything out of every cupboard (not fun) put it all back, (even less fun) still clueless and more than a little bit frustrated.  It was one of those “this must be what going mad feels like” moments.  In fact it was all getting too much and I had to go have a lie down… where my brain would just not quit with the “where are the thimbles” constant prompting.

So the next day, I go through the ENTIRE house again, decide they cannot possible in there so the options are 1. I’ve lost them or 2. they have to be in the shed.  So I go out to the shed in the daylight, start pulling boxes off the shelves, put out a box marked “fridge magnets” and voilà there are the thimbles!! And there are not just six of them, there are NINETEEN of them, well 20 but one was broken 🙁 which will teach me for not looking after my things and stuffing them in a box in the shed!

But hey, look I have my (mini) thimble collection again – yay! All I need now is a nice space in the sewing room in which to display them.

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