I used to have one of those plastic sewing toolboxes from Myers, well I say used to have but actually I still have it, only it got dropped a while back and being plastic, the moulded plastic that attached the lid to the body snapped so it’s not as useful now as it used to be.  I can’t throw it out though because it has great sentimental value, so I just keep it. …But I never look in it since I decanted everything I needed into something else.  Anyhoo, during the recent big reorganisation/decluttering, I pulled it out and opened it up to check that there wasn’t something in there I could be using.  And look what I found…

I made this sewing kit when I was at school, and it was in the pre-sewing machine days as it’s all hand sewn and embroidered.  I don’t remember ever having anything made of lavender cord but it must have been made from some old clothing or remnants as I never had any money to buy proper lengths of fabric, or it could have been something we were using at school, I have a feeling our first garments were made from cord.

Everything you see in the photo was still inside the kit, even after all this time, including the needles which have no rust on them though there are some suspiciously-rusty-looking spots on the cream cord where the needles are stuck.  Sewing was always something I did out of necessity – no money = make it yourself and this was no exception.  Wow nostalgia huh? 

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