Today I did a bit of fabric dyeing using a technique called Shibori – it’s basically Japanese tie die!  This is usually done using Indigo dye but I decided to use this black velvet fabric dye because I had quite a lot of it in a cupboard and I wanted to use it up.

I grabbed some fabrics that I wanted to use including some white cheesecloth, some pima cotton and a white cotton t-shirt.

On the pima cotton I used the above technique which uses blocks of wood (in my case some balsa wood) and rubber bands to make a grid pattern like this one below and the one above  The fabric remains white where the wooden board is and the patterns are made by the rubber bands.


I also did a more traditional ring burst type pattern on this old t-shirt.

That weird looking alien creature below is one of the pieces of cotton tied up with pebbles and rubber bands to make star bursts.  I can’t seem to find the photo of that one but I will add it later if I do.

And that’s yet another crafty experiment day done and it has helped to take my mind off things again for a little while.  It is strange how my mind is working atm.



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