This photo!  Their faces!alarmed kittens

OK so they are more alarmed about the chaos that is currently happening in my craft studio than what I am about to show you, but I just had to use this photo of them that I snapped upstairs while I was looking for the acrylic paints I wanted.  Looking at that mess, you would probably be thinking, clean that up now, rather than go off and create another mess in a different room but hey ho.  I decided to repaint the inside of my big dollhouse and make it into a Halloween House.

If you know me, then you will already know the history and origin of this dollhouse and how long it has been left in it’s primed and unpainted state.  That is until today…

…because today I decided to actually paint the thing!  To think I almost gave it away because I was sick of seeing it sitting around the house, a big white eyesore, and then it hit me that it wouldn’t stand out so much if I painted it dark.  One thing led to another and then I came across this image on the internet of Halloween dollhouses – whaaaat?

I mean SERIOUSLY, I need one of these in my life, who doesn’t, right?  So I decided that I would turn my unloved, unpainted dollhouse into a Halloween House.

I actually have nothing to decorate it with, no furniture or fittings but eventually I think I will change up some of the inside and maybe even add some doll furniture and some of Tim Holtz’s creepy looking paper dolls.  The outside is currently painted a dark grey (previously white) and that too will be enhanced a little at some point.

Here’s a quick look at the inside decorated for Halloween…

That creepy looking skeleton dude in the attic is actually a toilet roll holder!  Haha I got it free and it just seemed too bizarre to actually use for its intended purpose, but it works great in the dollhouse.

My black cat usually sits on my bookshelves, and the mini pumpkins are real and will be eaten soon.  The flickering LED candles work great in the eye sockets of the skull.  Way to scare small children!

Dollhouses are not only for stuffed kittens, real kittens are quite at home there too.  I think she is planning on moving in – she’s small enough to fit in all the rooms haha

And her little pawsies can fit through the windows for sneak attacks!

Here she is in her perfect black cat Halloween pose!

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