I’m working on some Christmas gift makes this week, as I have a few people to post to again this year, especially for our Book Group Gals, and so I need to do some advance making because of the overseas posting.  I decided to make some book sleeves or book cosies as they are sometimes called.  I have a bunch of great book-themed fabrics in my stash including this one with the vintage typewriters. This photo was taken in the dark so it’s not really as yellowy cream as it looks in the photo.

This one is a little better to show the true colour.  So I wanted to make a cover to fit an average paperback so I measured up some paperbacks and then drew up a pattern, then cut out my fabrics and interfacings. I wanted to make it reversible so I chose a coordinating fabric to go with this typewriter one, and I also had an idea to make them more fun by having a rolled cuff.

So here is my finished book sleeve complete with book inside!

And here it is with the cuff folded down which reveals the inside fabric and makes it a little cuter.  Plus you can always turn it inside out and have the floral fabric on the outside and the typewriters in the inside – but who would want to hide those awesome typewriters!

That’s it for now, one down, another 8-10 to go!  Hah!  Maybe I should just keep going and make everyone a book sleeve for Christmas!  Don’t tempt me!  LOL




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