I decided to celebrate MerMay this year with an online class!  I purchased the Vitamin Sea class by Jane Davenport which is all about mermaids and ocean type things and just completely up my street. I am also hoping to catch up with the daily prompts but it really depend on my hand situation and whether I can keep up.

mermaids #mermay

Here are a few of the class projects I am working on at the moment.  I need to add a disclaimer here and say that I am doing most of this with the brace still on my hand because it is still causing me problems, so please forgive the terrible art lol

mermaids #mermay

I started off with this little mermaid drawn in Bali Blue pnecil and then started painting the background around her.

mermaids #mermayHer hair needs a LOT of work, that’s all I can say, but for now she has been left out to dry lol.  I keep telling my hand to do one thing and something else entirely different comes out!

mermaids #mermay

Then I moved on to these mermaids using watercolours and in a different colour scheme, not an ocean colour in sight!  They too have been left out to dry.

mermaids #mermay

Then I painted this undersea background with lots of water and spraying.  I must say I love how these colours are looking together and how they are starting to blend together and create new strange looking effects that remind of of some weird coral.

mermaids #mermay

Here is the chaos that is my work table haha, try finding a spare inch to place a tablet so I can follow my lessons lol

mermaids #mermay

So I sketched out my underwater mermaid queen in the same blue pencil as before – including some kind of headpiece which is possibly more of a diadem and less of an actual crown lol.

mermaids #mermayThen I started to paint in her face in “skin tones” though Kitten Baby looked pretty alarmed at this point haha.  I have to say she has a touch of the Picasso about her and not in a good way lol.

mermaids #mermayAnd now at this point I think she is more Elizabeth the First than queen of the ocean haha.  Ah well, a work in progress it certainly is and I will leave it to dry overnight with the others.  Maybe during the night, the fairies will take pity on me and finish it off making it look much better lol.

Here’s what was used FYI

Cold Pressed and Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper
Mermaid Markers
Watercolour Paint
Acrylic Paint
Bali Blue Pencil


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