After my experience using my first Versafine Clair stamp pad (Chianti) I was keen to get hold of more colours as soon as I was able to, as I find them great for stamping, especially for details and they have such happy colours. Similar to the original Versafine Oxyx Black ink, I find these coloured pigment ink pads are great for colouring over with pencils, watercolouring and with alcohol markers like Copics.  I make sure the ink is super dry/heatset before using them with other media.

versafine clair ink pads

So here is my little collection of Clair inkpads.  I haven’t put the Versafine Onyx Black pad in this pic because it’s not a “Clair” and the ink pad is a different shape.  And that’s one thing I do like about these Clair pads – the shape.  It’s quite a raised pad and I find it stamps very well and having the pad raised so much means you can get it into places that maybe you couldn’t with other pads as the plastic edges would get in the way!  It’s also good for running around the edges of of diecuts or card edges.

The colours I have from left to right are – Cheerful (yellow), Verdant (green), Warm Breeze (teal), Charming Pink (pink), Purple Delight (purple), Paradise (blue), Chianti (deep reddish wine), Acorn (brown), Fallen Leaves (brown), Morning Mist (grey), and Nocturne (black).

Here’s a complete list of all available colours:

versafine clair ink pad colours

In this chart there are a few colours that look very similar (eg Monarch and Purple Delight, Glamorous and Charming Pink, even Medieval Blue and Blue Belle are close) but I think that it’s just hard to tell the differences on a screen.  It should also be noted that the top twelve colours are “brights” and the bottom twelve are “shades”.

concord and 9th crafty turnabout

I tested some of my new colours with this new stamp set from Concord and 9th – Crafty Turnabout.  See how crisp and clear everything is? I can’t wait to use all of them in my forthcoming Christmas projects.

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