Wow did you see the new January release from Concord and 9th?

Here’s my wishlist from this month

10547 Turnabout Alignment Guide Pack
10533 To the Point Turnabout

Ok so here’s my problem… I decided before Christmas to go on a buying freeze, so I am not buying anything for the next few months that is not essential ie food, cat food, toothpaste, that sort of thing.  Everything else is off limits, so I will not be buying anything from this month’s release, and admittedly after watching the video and seeing OMG the Turnabout Toolkit that has really tested me lol.  But I have been turning for some time now and have already made my own jig (quiting template) so I have convinved myself that I don’t really need the kit… but I want the kit, because it’s pretty, and it’s a limited-while stocks last kinda thing, so of course I want it!  Ach, if there happen to be any left in a few months, maybe I will get one, but it’s not because I need one, so that’s a problem for me right now – nothing that isn’t essential!

Have another look at the prettiness of the Toolkit though

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