I finally caved and purchased the Everyday Bouquet Turnabout Kit now that my buying freeze is over (for now).  I wasn’t going to buy it as I said before, since I am a turnabout expert now, but it just kept whispering to me and I actually really like the stamps and dies included in the kit and wanted to play with them.  And that’s what this is really – me just playing and testing things out and seeing how I like them.  I like to do this when I have free time because you never know what will come out of it. This is my process a lot of the time when I don’t have something specific in mind.  I also love creating backgrounds with gorgeous colours, either watercolours, or distress or something else, and I don’t have any definite plans for them.  I just like making them and then one day they are just what I am looking for.  It’s probably my preferred background option, rather than using patterned paper – not that there’s anything wrong with patterned paper, this is just more fun!

everyday bouquet card kit

So I used some previously painted watercolour cardstocks that I had in my stash and hadn’t decided what I wanted to use them for yet.  This happens a lot.  I like to paint backgrounds and test out colours and then I put them away until I might need them for something.  I used these pieces to die cut a bunch of elements using the Everyday Bouquet Turnabout Kit dies and then just played round with them to see what I liked.  At this point I had no intention of making Thank You cards!  I just liked all the little pieces and i liked the colours I had used to paint the card.everyday bouquet card kitto the point turnabout

At the same time I stamped out the To the Point turnabout and the Dotted Fill-in Stamp as I also bought them (bye bye buying freeze!) I don’t know what I will do with these pieces yet but they will be filed away for later use.  At first I thought perhaps I would use them with the big thanks label across them but I didn’t really want to hide any of those lovely cacti and succulents so I decided against it.  As for the dotted fill-in, I was curious to see what would happen if I stamped it across a larger piece of card.  I messed it up by getting the position wrong and so you can see where it is darker where it overlaps.  It’s still fine though as all I need to do is cover that part up if I decide to use it at that size, or start cutting it up if I don’t.  Like I said – just playing.dotted fill-in stamp

Here is where the fun really starts, when I start placing elements over the stamped bouquet and trying to decide where everything should go and which colours look best.

everyday bouquet card kit

I was really happy with the acid yellow label so I glued that down in place and then inset the die cut letters from one of the other labels I cut.  The bright green against the yellow really pops!

everyday bouquet card kit

Once that was done and some bits of foliage added, I needed to add something to the top of the card to balance it out.  I played around with these flowers and even took photos of each placement to help me see which looked better.everyday bouquet card kit

This small green card is one that I had cut and scored last week and didn’t need.  It was just by chance that it ended up sitting on this desk, and when I saw it next to the red I really liked it and decided to use it with some of the diecuts too.  This is a regular A2 size card and you can see the size difference next to the white one which is twice the size ie a full piece of letter card folded in half.everyday bouquet card kit


I did wonder if I needed/wanted to add more of this red watercoloured card to the green card because I really like how the colours look together and it was so unexpected, but in the end I decided to leave them alone – reminding myself that less is more lol


everyday bouquet card kit

And here are the finished cards!

Here’s what was used FYI

Everyday Bouquet Turnabout Kit – Concord & 9th
Dotted Fill-in Stamp – Concord & 9th
To the Point Turnabout Stamp – Concord & 9th
Gina K Inks
Gina K Cardstock
Previously watercoloured cardstock from stash


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