I have another project I want to work on…

old conference satchel

Hey I am really on a roll here!  So this is a conference satchel – sometimes conference satchels are more like a little bag and sometimes they are like this really useful folder/binder zippy case.  I was lucky enough to attend the conference way back when and got one of the conference bags.  It’s a good case, it’s made of PU, has a zip that goes all the way around to shut it, has lots of little pockets of various sizes, and a pen holder, and it has the ring binder in the middle.  I have used it many times for various work activities but the one thing that I didn’t like was that the big conference logo was very prominent on it (and it was very shiny PU fake leather). so although I did make use of it, I probably, definitely, would have used it a lot more if it had looked better.

I have this workshop coming up in a few weeks, so what better occasion to use this for, especially since I have to travel.  So I decided to paint it and make it look a lot more interesting.

old conference satchel

I painted the whole thing, inside and out with black gesso – you know even just getting rid of that shiny PU look, has improved it 100%.  Now I need to decide what I want it to look like.

***This is a WIP (work in progress) post which I will update until it is finished, then it will become a finished post and the WIP status will be removed.




black gesso

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