Day 9 – Stencils #birgitkoopsengelprintingchallenge I’ve used stencils a few times during this challenge before and after this prompt, so I am adding the photos of all of them below


How to use a stencil on a gel plate:

From Day 15 Complementary Colors


From Day 15 Fall
From Day 1
From Day 2 – Masking
From Day 3 Lace

The challenge

This month on Instagram Birgit Koopsen (@birgit_koopsen) is holding a Gel Printing Challenge with fun daily prompts to make you get more out of your gel plate –  and there are giveaways from both Birgit and @gelliarts.  I love my gel plate so I decided to join in.  Here are the prompts and the links if you want to join in too.  This image is from Birgit’s instagram page and IG has cut off her name from the bottom. so to see the photo and read about the challenge, click here.

Gel Plate
Stencils – various
Acrylic Paints – various
See individual prompt posts for more details

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