Day 12 – Repeating Patterns.  I was a little late with this one because I could not find a paint roller to fit and I know I have one!  But necessity is the mother of invention so I improvised by wrapping these stamps around a can of spray starch I found in a cupboard – nothing in this house gets starched lol so who knows where it came from haha. Anyway worked a treat to create these patterns by rolling the can on the Gelli plate. I have been pasting some of these prints into one of my art journals today also.  Now after I had done this, I came up with an alternate to the paint roller – the little roller that takes cat hair off things, is the perfect fit for toilet roll innards!



In the beginning…

I started by applying acrylic paint to the plate, then using my spray can with stamps attached to roll across the plate and make a repeating pattern.  These stamps are part of an Art Deco set by Simon Says Stamp, but for some reason instead of Art Deco I am getting a Japanese kimono pattern vibe which I am loving btw and has given me some ideas to try this again on fabric!


The challenge

This month on Instagram Birgit Koopsen (@birgit_koopsen) is holding a Gel Printing Challenge with fun daily prompts to make you get more out of your gel plate –  and there are giveaways from both Birgit and @gelliarts.  I love my gel plate so I decided to join in.  Here are the prompts and the links if you want to join in too.  This image is from Birgit’s instagram page and IG has cut off her name from the bottom. so to see the photo and read about the challenge, click here.

Gel Plate
Acrylic Paints – various
Bristol paper, Mixed Media paper

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