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Happy Bank Holiday!  We are still in lockdown so one day is very much like any other day but at least the sun is shining, and strangely enough I am spending this Bank Holiday weekend in a very similar to how I spent this weekend last year!   Yes, I’m doing an online workshop.  The difference is that this time, I am doing one that goes for much longer – from May till August – and I have a bit of catching up to do as it officially started on May 1st and I did not lol.  I just decided a few days ago to sign up for it, as I figured it might help my well-being.  The course I am referring to is of course, Wellspring 2020 by Artful Academy (formerly Mixed Up Creative Academy).  Here’s what they say about the course:

Wellspring is an inspirational, motivational school all about using art for mental wellness and self-care. It runs in our dedicated online classroom from May 1st to August 18th 2020. Through 30 energising and insightful lessons we will explore how and why art can be a powerful tool for mental wellbeing and self-care, and make lots of beautiful projects along the way.  Join us for 18 weeks of uplifting, empowering, thought-provoking, life-affirming art lessons themed around mental wellbeing!

I was happy to be creating an AJ spread to put inside my new handmade Art Journal.  Below is the page that I created.  My paper is A4 folded in half to make A5 size pages, but this particular layout spreads across the full A4 sheet.  There is a LOT on this page both seen and unseen, hidden and visible, and that’s partly the point.  I’ve used secret or hidden writing often in my journals, especially if it is really personal – not sharing that with the world thanks all the same, but still you might want to share the art even if it does look like there’s been a paintbrush explosion in her head haha.



In the class, the tutor, Michelle Logan encouraged us to contemplate why we create.  Sometimes I’m so busy creating that I don’t get to think about the why.  Sometimes there is an obvious reason – cards for occasions, DT projects, entering challenges, Christmas and birthday gifts and so on – pretty straight forward, but what about those other times when you do it just for the experience.  So in my AJ spread I wrote down the reasons why and produced a very interesting page that came out as a complete surprise, mostly due to improvising for things I didn’t have lol and not thinking too much about it.  I’m pleased with how it turned out as for a while there it was looking like a hot mess!  I had to improvise quite a lot due to lack of relevant supplies but that just means I have to get creative!  To me, my girl looks like some kind of tribal comic book chick, don’t mess with her! Especially because she has paintbrushes exploding out of her head and still is unphased by it haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my project, please leave me a comment below and let me know.


Artistic Stamper May ChallengeJournaling – hidden journaling and some visible journaling on the paintbrushes and the white circles.  Stamps used:  Jane Davenport face stamp, Visible Image script stamp


HP watercolour paper
Paperartsy Fresco paints
Various acrylic paints including Jane Davenport skin tones
Archival Inks – various colours
Stabilo All pencil – black
Various stencils
Jane Davenport face stamp
Visible Image script stamp
Posca paint pens
White gesso
From stash: scrap cardboard

I started something new for April and continuing for May:

Since we are all stuck inside and can’t leave the house, I thought I would try and do two things:
1. use this time to finish any unfinished projects
2. use as much recycled materials as possible (I do this a lot anyway) but also not to buy new stuff!
So, with that in mind, I will note the above on any posts, if applicable.
RECYCLED MATERIALS – YES scrap cardboard, nothing new used, no new purchases!


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Tit Belsoeur
May 30, 2020 3:01 pm

Love this page ! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us at The Artistic Stamper
WIshing you good luck to join us DT as a guest !

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