This photo came up on my fb feed as my most liked photo of 2012. It’s the carrot cake I made for my Mum’s birthday that year, and it’s completely vegan including the fondant carrots, and that is not easy to do, believe me. I remember that particular day very well as we were running late for everything due to trying to fit in as much as possible and by the time we got to the family dinner (after a very full day) everyone had almost finished eating and given up on us and the cake ever getting there. But we did, in the end, and the cake was delicious.

This is a very personal AJ page that I made in March and I haven’t shared until now, but since it’s Mum’s birthday I wanted to record it somehow.

Miss you every day Mum xx



Art journal
From stash: cardboard

I started something new for April and continuing for May:

Since we are all stuck inside and can’t leave the house, I thought I would try and do two things:
1. use this time to finish any unfinished projects
2. use as much recycled materials as possible (I do this a lot anyway) but also not to buy new stuff!
So, with that in mind, I will note the above on any posts, if applicable.
RECYCLED MATERIALS – YES, nothing new used, no new purchases!


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