Today is a very special Caturday as it was five years ago today that I lost my sweet girl, so I want to celebrate the awesomeness that was her in these photos…

She liked nothing more than to have lots of cuddles

And she loved the sunshine, in fact that was one of the words she knew.  If the sun was shining in the window when we got up, I would call out “sunshine” and she would come running to get the sunny spot on the window

She loved wearing her little pink lace bow

And she loved cuddle time with her buddy Wombat.  They had been together since they were weeks old and he was also so very sad when we lost her

Here they are together enjoying a catmint session together,


And of course more cuddle time

She was eight weeks old when I got her and we spent 17 happy years together.  I wish it could have been longer.  Miss you every day sweet girl. I did some sketching tonight thinking about her and it needs some work but I really just wanted woman holding cat so in that way it works.

Next morning I redid it as I wasn’t happy with her face or the shape of the cat, so had some more attempts – managed to mess up her arm on the first one and make her look like an alien in the second but nothing that can’t be fixed.

As always, thanks for reading!


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