Happy Saturday!  I hope you get to spend some down time doing things you love today.  I will be fixing my computer and doing the dishes, and then maybe I can get to enjoy some arty time.  I just wanted to mention that Tamara Laporte has again got some free taster session classes available on Facebook as she did with the Kaleidoscope class.  This time the sessions run for two weeks and are a sample of what you can expect in the year-long Life Book art journaling class for 2021.

The free sessions run in the Facebook group starting from Monday 28th and go until 11th October, and anyone can join the group and watch the teachers do their free classes or watch and participate if you feel inclined.  There is also an early bird discount of 20% using code FEELHAPPY20, available until December I think, so plenty of time to try out the sessions and see if you want to do the full thing.  I haven’t quite decided yet as I have already signed up for another year-long class, but I have joined the free taster session group and I’m looking forward to the free lessons.  Hope to see you there!  Remember, free sessions start Monday!

Link to Life Book page on the Willowing Website is here and link to the Facebook group is here.



Short and sweet today as I’m off to get stuff done!  As always, thanks for reading!

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