So I wake up this morning to find that facebook has UNPUBLISHED my facebook page sometime during the night.

I clicked on the notification to see what’s what and it says

What are these community standards they refer to?

Yeah, exactly!

I have had my page since Page created – 27 January 2012.  To be honest, I hardly ever post on it, the latest post being 16th September to promote one of the challenges.  But somehow despite only having posts about cats and crafts, my page gets unpublished for graphic violence, hate speech or nudity?


This is the final straw.  I hate the platform anyway, the only reason I am there is because it is the only way to keep in touch with some friends in other places, and now because of some DT requirements, but I don’t even want to be there now.  The stupid new layout is crap for desktops, I hate it.  I don’t want to see how many videos they are recommending to me, because they are not anything that I would be remotely interested in.  I don’t need to see how many new posts there are in groups because I already took the notification off so why would I need to see that.  I don’t need to be invited to any more groups or pages – seriously.


Well just another reason why I never trust my data to any third party platform because they can do this to you at a moment’s notice, or actually no notice what so ever.  They make changes that people hate and they don’t care because you are not their customer, you are a pawn that they let use their service for free so they can access all of your data and sell it to their advertising customers.   And we willing hand it all over to them, giving them all our likes and favourites and photos and everything else, which they save forever and never delete, so they can use it to market products to us.

So it has not been a good day.  I have been beyond frustrated trying to find a way to contact a real person or in fact a robot, I don’t care really, but there is zero way to contact ANYONE at facebook, which is a deliberate move by them.    Finally I tried to post on my unpublished page and got another message telling me it wasn’t allowed but this time I was given a message box to leave them a message – I was saved!  Except, not quite.  I typed up my message, I even said please, and I can’t submit the message.  I suspect there are so many of these requests due to ridiculous blocks that they can only take so many at a time.

Oh and if you keep trying, look what happens…

Please let us know, except you can’t because they won’t let you.

I’m taking a mental health day away from facebook after this.

No love

Me (a real person FYI)

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