Hello and hope you are having a good week  or at least a better week than I am 🙂  My week and actually my life atm is very stressful, so much so that I am not getting any time to make anything or even to think about making anything.  However, I did make this little piece of Halloween home decor a couple of weeks ago when I was making this card and then sat something on top of it and forgot I had done it at all!  So just in time for Halloween, I give you – Spooky Shadow Cats!

This was a very simple idea so there is not much of a tutorial for it, but there are a few process photos.

I’m using this dimensional window kit from GSL.  This kit is designed to make a shaker type window but today I am using two parts of it (the two frames) to make something slightly different.

I am also using the Cat Shape Set which has six different cats and I will be using four of them as seen above.

A while back I did some gelli prints on some deli paper.  It wasn’t Halloween but somehow I did Halloween colours so they have now become useful for this project lol. If you don’t have any pre-printed deli papers in your stash, don’t worry, you can use tissue paper, tracing paper, layout paper, or any other paper that you can see through a little.

Here’s the idea I had for the cats in the window.  Initially I thought about gluing them down like this all on the same side, but then my brain went off in a slightly different direction. When this happens, it’s usually better to go with it!

First of all, I painted my cats black because you can’t really have Halloween without black cats, plus I am quite fond of black cats myself. I used black fluid acrylic paint for this but any kind of paint will do, this just has a nice shine to it when it dries.

I couldn’t decide on a colour for the frame so I decided to paint each frame a different colour, using metallic acrylics in lime and purple.

Here are the two frames side by side after they are painted.

Next I cut a square of the gelli printed deli paper out to fit my frame.

I glued it to the back of the green frame.

Then before sandwiching it between the two frames, I added a piece of paper cord to the back of the purple frame (to act as a hanger) and then sandwiched it all together.

i put something heavy on top to hold everything in place, especially in the top corners where the paper cord was glued down.

Now this part will be an interesting experiment lol.  I painted some glow in the dark paint on top of this green frame but I have no idea if it worked yet.  I will have to leave it in daylight to charge up and then see what happens when it gets dark.

I glued two of the cats on the green frame side.

Two cats were also glued on the purple frame side, so that each of the window panes had a black cat sitting in it. You might have worked it out by now or you might be wondering what I’m doing but just look what happens when you hold it up to the light. Because the deli paper is transparent, the light shines through and shows the two shadow cats on the other side!

Here’s a look at the reverse side…

Cute but spooky at the same time!

I hope you enjoyed my little shadow cat project.  Thanks for making it all the way to the end. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Funkie JunkiePurple, Orange, Green it’s Halloween  – Challenge – metallic purple on one side of frame and lime green on the other, orange and purple on the gelli print
Countryview – Halloween, make a scene – Challenge for October – my little shadow cats trying to reach their buddies on the other side… or maybe that should be from the other side muahahahahaha

Project Recipe:

Cats Shapes Set and Dimensional Window Set
black fluid acrylic
lime and purple metallic acrylic
PVA glue
From Stash: gelli printed deli paper, paper cord

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7 thoughts on “Spooky Shadow Cats – Halloween Home Decor

  1. Susan Davies says:

    This is fabulous, you can’t beat spooky black cats! Thanks so much for joining in with our challenge at Country View Crafts and have a very happy Halloween, Sue xx

  2. stampersuzz says:

    Lovely framed window with the clever see through effect! The cats are so cool with their outlines being visible and I always love a beautiful black cat! Thanks for sharing with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge!

  3. Sara Emily Barker says:

    this is sooooo cool! What a great idea to use the deli paper gel print, that, although not created for Halloween, screams Halloween! I love the cats and how you’ve made them appear as if they are trying to get in to visit with their other two friends. Another great project for our Purple, orange green! Eek it’s Halloween challenge at The Funkie Junkie Boutique blog!

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