Hi Festive Friends!  Not long now but still time to sneak in another holiday themed post and this time it is a very glittery (and so now is my house!) Christmas ornament made from glitter cardstock and a few bits and pieces I had lying around. It’s actually not made for the tree, it’s too big!  I made it to hang on the hall door but I put it on the tree so you can see just how big it is next to the other ornaments!

I was looking around last week for ideas on how to dress my tree – I didn’t use any of them in the end lol – but I did find this tutorial for tree ornaments made of paper and it reminded me of those paper chains we used to make at school.  Of course after spending so much time looking at decorated Christmas trees and getting tree envy I couldn’t find the link to the paper ornament again but it was constructed from strips of paper like this.  Different sizes so that when it is pushed together it makes that cool bauble shape.

If I had used cardstock this would have been easier and quicker as it would have had colour on both sides.  As I was using glitter cardstock that was only glitter on one side and white on the other, I cut extra strips and glued them down on the white sides.

What does glitter card stick to?  NOTHING!  LOL how many glues and tapes did I try in an attempt to get these bits of card to stick together before finally getting out the fabric glue and giving it a liberal helping of that stuff – it will stick anything!  It’s currently sticking my ugg boots back together after the sole detached!
After leaving it a good while to dry, I was able to carry on with the threading of the beads on to the top of the ornament and more beads and a handmade tassel on to the bottom.

Here it is hanging up on the bathroom window.  It’s not staying on the bathroom window, but it was giving me the best light for the photo.  It’s actually hanging on the hall door.



Hope you enjoyed this Christmas painting project.  As always, thanks for reading!


Country View Challenges – December Challenge – Anything Christmas
Funkie Junkie – December Challenge – Deck the Halls Challenge Funkie Junkie’s current challenge set by Sara Emily is for Christmas Decorations


glitter cardstocks, PVA, thread, beads, gold wire and floss for the tassel

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Sara Emily Barker
December 23, 2020 11:18 pm

Elle, your tree must really be fabulous with all these wonderful ornaments! I love the retro vibe, and oh, an entire silver tinsel tree would just sparkle covered with these! Thanks so much for sharing one more of your awesome Christmas decorations with us at The Funkie Junkie Boutique! This gives me one more opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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