Merry Kittymas everyone from me and the kitties!

This is a Christmas Kittymas card I designed a few years ago for the kittens first Christmas – that’s them hugging each other when they were about five months old.  The kitty peeking in on the left is my semi-feral cat who thinks kittens are humbug, then and now lol.

So it’s Christmas day evening and my day has been OK, it got off to a pretty rocky start, and I felt quite despondent, but then a friend knocked on my door to wish me a socially distanced Merry Christmas at the front door, and that shook me out of my funk.  So then I went upstairs and worked in my journal for a couple of hours and actually was very productive and finished all the pages I wanted to finish for the Wellspring class I took last Spring/Summer but didn’t manage to finish at the time.  Now I have a pizza in the oven and a glass of fake wine (alcohol free wine) and so I thought I would write a little Christmas post and show you some last minute gift wrap I made the other night.

I realised that as I would be dropping off gifts days before Christmas instead of taking them with me to someone’s house on Christmas day as per usual, I would need to put them in some kind of bag, except I didn’t have any bags… or did I?  I remembered that I had some plain white paper bags that I bought ages ago for craft fairs, so I dug some out and thought I would throw some paint on them for a bit of colour.  I automatically reached for my favourite turquoise ink but then thought maybe since it’s winter/Christmas, maybe I should go for something green and foresty looking, so I picked out the green ink instead and started spattering it over the gift bags.  Then I sprayed them with water and when the water hit the ink I knew I had made the right choice!  just look at that colour!  Since they were for Christmas I thought I would add some splatters of gold ink to make them a bit more festive. I was only going to do one side but I like it so much that after the first side was dry, I did the other side of the bags.

Meanwhile, while the bags were drying, I cleared off my table (by dumping everything on the floor and regretting that lol) and rolled out some white paper and decided to make gift wrap to wrap the presents that were going in the bags!  This paper is A1 width which is two steps up from A3.  I will need to check but it’s probably about 50cm width.

I rolled out a piece that would fit on the space I made on the table, and then started splattering it with the same ink and spraying it with water.

I did two big pieces and the only thing that stopped me doing more was lack of space to put all the drying paper!

Just when I was thinking I was finished, I remembered that I would also need tags to match, so I quickly splattered some watercolour scraps in the same way.

Then I left everything to dry overnight and in the morning I had all this!

I used some tag dies to cut the watercolour paper into gift tags before wrapping all the presents up and tying them with baker’s twine..

Here’s how they looked all wrapped up and ready to go in the gift bags.  I just love all that green splattery goodness!

I hope you are staying safe and warm and enjoy celebrating whatever you are celebrating.  I will be back soon with another project.  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!




paper, gift bags, acrylic ink, baker’s twine, tag die, water

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