Hi, how are you today and how’s your week been so far?   Today I am sharing my second DT project for Marvellous Mini Masterpieces, and this month we were challenged to make a bookmark!  Here’s a look at what I created…

So as I mentioned last month, we have two challenges per month and my challenge was to use this gorgeous mood board as inspiration to make my bookmark.  I love these teal shades and I love poppies and of course I love books and bookmarks so I was feeling very inspired.

Here’s a look at how this bookmark came together. Just click on the thumbnails to take a closer look.

First a bit of recycling of old amazon boxes.

I cut out two pieces from that large box, measuring 9 x 3 inches – hey I like big bookmarks and I can’t deny!  Seriously, if you want a smaller bookmark, just cut out a smaller size, but I have a lot of large art books and I didn’t want my bookmark getting lost inside one of them so I made it bigger.  You will see it later on in the post, next to some different sized books.

I glued the two pieces of amazon box cardboard together to make a sturdier bookmark.  Then I painted what was going to be the back of it, with this teal colour, really just to disguise that it was an amazon box lol.

For the front of the bookmark, I used a couple of different colours of acrylic paint and blended them together to give an ombre effect.

I added all my paint leftovers into a page in my art journal so as not to waste any paint!

It was then time for a bit of collage, so I pulled out some bits and pieces of paper scraps that might work with the colour palette and the book theme.

I glued them all down and left them to dry completely

Most of these little scrap papers are leftovers from other projects, for example the piece above that talks about Chippendale furniture and a rosewood bookcase (appropriate right?) came from the art journal spread about the visit to Dumfries House. The diamond patterned paper is gift wrap from a present I received from a friend and I am getting so much use out of that as well as the actual present!

More tiny bits of collage, gift wrap, some of my papers that I printed at home, including this rather dour looking woman who I can imagine being some kind of strict governess or a librarian who does not appreciate it when you return your book late!

So once all the collage was dry, I added some white acrylic and then some teal acrylic to help it all blend together, before starting to draw on my poppies using Neocolour II crayons.

I then added some PITT pen lines and coloured them in a bit more – both are easy to blend and move around with water.

I added the black centres to the poppies using a black waterproof pen.

More detail added to the flower centres.

This flower is my favourite as I love how light it is over the text about the rosewood bookcase, so most of it can still be read.

The final stage was to draw on all the leaves but I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of that – that tends to happen when I am in the moment.

And here is the finished bookmark next to a very large hardback children’s book.

Some closer looks at the details.

And the pretty poppy colours, as much as I intended them to be very red, they really wanted to be more towards the magenta end of red.

Here’s why I wanted a really large bookmark!

Bookmark in situ – large hardback book.

If dystopian fiction is more your thing, well it goes with that too.

If Children’s fiction is more your thing, I have the bookmark for you – look it even matches the pretty floral cover!

Perfect for Harry Potter fans everywhere!  Perhaps a visit to the Herbology classroom is in order!


I can’t wait to see your bookmarks for this challenge!

As always, thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


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