A new Wanderlust lesson was released on Friday for week three, but I am not ready for that one yet, so today I am sharing my week one lesson page which I did after the week two lesson!  So as you can see, I am not following the lessons in strict order necessarily.  As this is a class lesson, there is no tutorial, just a couple of starting out photos and a lot of ending up photos.

I did have some problems with this page starting from the beginning haha. It all went downhill from here so I had to cover it up with paint, which you would think would be OK but…

I made some questionable colour choices which I want to blame on working at night under artificial lighting but really lol
I was no longer following the lesson at this point and wondered if my page could be saved or if it was better to start over.I kept going but I wasn’t happy with it still.  If in doubt, cover it up with some collage and a stencil!
I *think* I managed to save the page, just barely, but then as I was trying to photograph it…

The kittens decided it was worth a look, and maybe it might be worth chewing on? They really love the smell of art supplies and paint!

After they decided it wasn’t that interesting after all, I managed to take a few photos.  The theme was reflections, so I kind of reflected on the year that was but with a zombie apocalypse twist.
Let’s not think about last year at all anymore right?

How did the A to Z of Spa Health become Zombie Apocalypse lol.  That big Z was too hard to resist.

It’s a lot brighter over on the 2021 side of the page!  I really love this stencil.  I bought it years ago for some wall stencilling and then forgot about it.  It’s a pretty big chrysanthemum so it’s not always suitable to fit on a page but I am going to try to use it more this year, and maybe one more walls!
 That’s it. Over and done!  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!



Art Journal JourneyFavorite Things – January Challenge.  This page is not a favourite but it does have one of my favourite colours – turquoise – and one of my favourite supplies – my white Posca.


My handmade journal
watercolour paper, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, collage materials, black pen, stencil, paint pens

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Erika N
February 1, 2021 12:09 am

I think your page came out great with that collage and stencil Elle. I like how you made the 2020 side dark and 2021 brighter. Nice technique. I’m the same way with classes. I jump around a bit, doing what interests me. There’s so many things to try why waste time trying things you have no interest in? Right? Thanks for sharing with us at AJJ. Off to read you other post. Hugs-Erika

Nancy Williams
February 1, 2021 12:01 am

Great colors, Elle! Love that you worked a bit of zombie into it when reflecting on 2020 – kind of feels zombie-ish when thinking back. Great save and love your helpers!

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