Hello again!  I have an amendment to a journal page to share with you today.   A few weeks ago, I created this spread called Like a Black Crow Flying In A Blue Blue Sky for a class project for Book of Days.

As well as creating the finished art journal page, I also had this page of crow sketches and after I was finished, I had the idea add the crow sketches as a tip in or a fold out page.  Of course if I had thought of this before I started it would have been a lot easier, but I didn’t know where the class would take me or what the result would be, so if I was to do this again, I would connect the pages first!

So on the left is my palette of leftover paint from this Life Book lesson, and as I was wondering what to use it on, I thought of this crow page, and the connected page idea again.

So I decided to use the leftover paint to paint a tree on the reverse side since the fold out page would need to have something on it.

Then I sat it aside for ages,while I got on with some other things, and then last week I ended up painting my tree with black and adding a lot more branches to it with Pitt pens.

So again, I sat it aside for a few days, till I had time to think about it, and then on Sunday I spotted it sitting on a drying shelf and thought it was time to get this thing sorted out.

I used the same neocolour IIs to paint the background around the tree and dried it.  Then I used masking tape on only one side to attach the crow page (black tree is on the reverse) to the crow spread.  This is why I said it would have been easier to do this before starting the painting as then I could have put tape on both sides and then painted over it, but that wasn’t part of the lesson and I only decided to do it now.

Here is the page attached to the double page spread, so that when you open the crow spread you see the large crow on the left and the small crows on the right, and then…

…when you open that page up…

You get the full three page extended spread!

Here’s a closer look at the inside of the pages where is currently no tape.  I think I have some book tape that might work but I am leaving it for now as I still might paint some birds in the branches.

So that’s my three page spread complete!  Well unless I add some birds which I might do.  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!




My handmade journal (A3 paper folded in half to make A4 size pages)
watercolour paper, turquoise acrylic paint, acrylic ink, black pencil, white pen, silver pen, dip pen and ink, black pen for journalling,  Neocolour II, PITT pens, masking tape, leftover paint

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Alison Hall
March 25, 2021 5:33 pm

A fabulous page of crows and the tree is wonderful too Elle! I love seeing crows in my garden, they’re one of my favourite big birds.
Alison xx

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