Hello again, here I am playing catch-up again and it is again with Life Book Classes!  This one is from Week 4 with Toni Burt where we make a pinch pot.  I was so looking forward to this lesson when I saw it on the schedule!  I love her!  So we are using air dry clay and I have plenty of that but it still took me a week to get started – I actually started making this project on 3rd February but I am only just finishing it now, well a few days ago and then getting it photographed lol.  What’s the hold up?  Well the hold up was that my house is a giant fridge, and it took FOREVER for the clay to dry, and I didn’t want to risk putting it near any direct heat sources in case it cracked, so I just had to be patient.  Oh and as this is a class lesson, there is no step by step or other information, just a beginning photo and some end photos.

So after an eternity, or seemed that way, they were finally dry.  They get a lot lighter when they dry and they sound different when you tap on them.  I noticed the same thing at Christmas making my ornaments.  I started off making a pot that was way too big with too much clay to handle the way I wanted to, so I ended up halving it and making two pots.  The one on the left was the first/second one that I made and I like how I shaped it in my hand and it felt nice.  The second/third pot was made from the cut off bits and had been rolled and cut up and all the things that could possibly make it crack when it came to making a pot with it so that was a bad idea but it was leftover clay so I thought I would make use of it anyway.  That one is much thinner than the one on the left so I was worried about it but it didn’t crack at all!

I drew some faces to put on my pot – I chose the one with the star necklace second from the bottom on the left.

I put her on the pot along with some other collage bits and then I dropped it!  I bumped her face of course and made her a bit wonky looking but then maybe that helps to give her some character and add some age to the pot?  LOL So you can see her nose/mouth area got a little smushed.

Here’s some other views of the outside…

And the bottom…

Here’s a look at the second pot – it’s very “organic” which in this case is another work for wonky lol but not without its charm.

I was supposed to add gold leaf to the inside to make it “sparkle” but I couldn’t find mine so I painted it with metallic paint because that’s also shiny… or actually not that shiny at all compared to the gold leaf!

So I set the pot to the side to search for the gold leaf.  Still couldn’t find it but I did find silver and copper leaf.  Definitely more shiny!

Here are both pots with the silver and copper leaf inside.

That was me finished at that point, but then some time later, I found the gold leaf, so I just had to do it!  I added it to some of the inside, leaving some of the silver and copper still visible.

I added some randomly on the outside

And on the bottom, I like how it looks against the purple

This stuff gets everywhere so there are random bits stuck on the outside that weren’t planned but have served to give her a little bling.

I think I’m going to use my pots for storing cards like prompt cards maybe or some art cards, so I will keep them on my desk for now at least.


Hope you like them!  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!





air dry clay, handmade stamps, collage materials, matte medium, gold, silver, copper leaf, tissue paper, waterproof pen

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