Hello friends!  I hope the signs of spring are showing where you are, assuming you are in the same hemisphere!  So now it’s March 1st and I have another art journal page to share with you which is also my DT project for the MTW March Main Challenge.

Here’s how it started…  The word challenge this month is Carpe Diem and when I opened this magazine this woman definitely looked like a carpe diem type – don’t you think?

Anyway, I though so and so I cut (tore actually) her out of the magazine and tried to fit her on my page.  I have some empty pages in this journal still, and some of them have paint already on them from where I have cleaned off various tools or just used up leftover paint.

Since this page was already started in this colour, I brayered on so more of the same colour to cover the rest of it.  At least, I’m pretty sure it’s the same colour but it was done a while ago.

There were also little bits of purple paint around some of the edges that must have come from another page, so I decided to bring more purple into the page.

Then it was time to add the carpe diem woman, and it was all going well until my finger stuck to the middle of her chest and I made a hole!  Bah!  So annoyed with myself as I didn’t even realise my finger was sticky.

Anyway, moving on and trying not to look at that big hole in her chest, I painted around her edges to blend her in with the background.

While that was drying I wrote on the CARPE DIEM words and then a line from a Mary Oliver poem that I like and I thought the words fit with the “seize the day” concept.

The second part of the challenge is the creative part and that asked for some markmaking.  I added lots of scribbles around the page and then some little marks in sets of three dotted around the page.  I did some highlighting with a white pen and it was done!

Here’s my DT inspiration photo which you can find on the challenge announcement post today.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how this page came together.  Let me know what you think in the comments and why not seize the day and enter the challenge!  As always, thanks for reading!



DT inspiration for More Than Words March Challenge – Carpe Diem and Markmaking


My handmade journal
watercolour paper, collage materials, PITT pens, acrylic ink, paint pens, neocolour II, polychromos

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