Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely Sunday.  Today I am sharing some of the gel prints I made yesterday for the Day 6 prompt – Letters – the Gelli Arts #MarchPrintingChallenge.  The challenge runs for the month of March and here is the list of prompts.

I made so many prints for the Letter prompt that it really needed its own post, so let’s get into the prints!

Day 6 – letters
I started off using these previously die cut letters to form the word WORDS.  These letters were cut mostly from cat food boxes and some watercolour paper.

These alphabets are the negative space leftover from cutting out the actual letters from watercolour paper.  I kept them in my stash for well over a year and was wondering what to do with them, and look, I found something to do with them eventually!  I like the texture that the watercolour paper leaves on the prints too.  I had a lot of fun with the letter challenge, and got a bit carried away trying out different alphabet options and words.  So in addition to the ones above, I also made two more sets of prints for the letter prompt.

I’ve been practising my lettering lately but it was extra challenging to try and write backwards!  I used a not-very-sharp pencil to write this quote into the paint.  I didn’t want to scratch my plate!  Maybe it was the feather prompt from day 5 that reminded me of this quote or maybe it was this recent journal page, but it had to be done.

So after making all of these prints, I really had to call it a day, but I love everything I made and they are going to be so useful!  Next up is the numbers prompt so I need to get cracking on that so I don’t fall behind.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and as always, thanks for reading!


#MarchPrintingChallenge – Day 6 Letters Part 1
Days 1-5 are here

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