Hi everyone, I had to split the Letters post into two posts as I think this set deserved its own post.  Today I am sharing more of the gel prints I made the Day 6 prompt – Letters – the Gelli Arts #MarchPrintingChallenge.  The challenge runs for the month of March and here is the list of prompts.

I made so many prints for the Letter prompt that it really needed to be split into two posts, so let’s get into the prints!

Day 6 – letters
I started with these large die cut letters that were leftover in my stash from some time last year when I cut a lot of them out of old cat food boxes etc so I would have them to hand when I needed them.

I was able to make these words CAT MEOW PURRS from my leftover letters, which I thought was definitely fate! LOL I will get some use out of those for sure!

I really love how the fluorescent pink paint turned out.
That was just something I grabbed randomly and not on purpose, but look how amazing it looks printed!

Sometimes some prompts inspire you more than others,this was one of them.

I’m already behind with the prompts due to spending all this time with the letter prompt but it was fun and definitely worthwhile.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and as always, thanks for reading!


#MarchPrintingChallenge – Day 6 Letters Part 2
Day 6 Letters Part 1
Days 1-5 are here

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