Hello friends and welcome to another March project! So today marks the start of the March Mini Challenge over on More Than Words Challenge Blog and this is my DT inspiration for this month.


The challenge word is SEIZE and this word must appear on the actual project.  For my project I created an ATC with a quote from this Eminem song, which is one of his best, and Grammy Award winning btw.  I fully understand if he is not your cup of tea but he speaks his truth and that’s more than I can say for a lot of singers/rappers/people in general.


This quote appears near the end of the song, but check out the full lyrics to understand what he is singing about.

Very unusually for me, I have been trying to work ahead, and like my next few Main Challenge projects, I also worked on the next few Mini projects at the same time. This is because I have a lot going on this year and I want to make it easier on myself (four year-long courses hello!)  I sat down and sketched out some ideas and then this song popped into my head when I was thinking about SEIZE.  Brilliant!  Because I didn’t really want to put Seize the Day on it but I expect there will be a lot of those since it’s not the most flexible word this time.

I sketched out my quote a few times to make sure it could fit on the tiny ATC before writing it out properly in waterproof ink. Before Xmas I bought a new palette and inside was some watercolour samples from Mijello which I had totally forgotten about as I hadn’t yet used the palette, so when I found them and tested them and saw how vibrant they were, I decided to use them on this ATC.  I thought their Green Gold would be perfect to use over the GOLDEN word, and so although I have painted it in rainbow colours, they aren’t in the right rainbow colour order because I needed the yellow to be on the bottom of the ATC.

And that’s it really, very simple ATC but very bright and colourful thanks to this amazing vibrant paint.  I can see I will have to investigate further and may end up buying some colours.

And that’s the final little ATC.  Hope you like it, and let me know what you think in the comments.  As always, thanks for reading!

More Than Words Mini Challenge – This challenge requires you to use a specific word on your project so the word SEIZE has to appear on the card.  Entry for the Mini Challenge is now also held on the blog under the relevant post. Visit the MTW blog for more details of prizes and sponsors and some amazing inspiration from the Design Team.



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