Hello again, I hope your weekend has been good to you.  We are all getting better here so I have had some time this weekend to catch up on some art which was not possible never mind a priority when the cats were poorly and my house was sectioned into quarantine zones!

Anyway, looks like we are over the worst and so I did more of my book cover ATCs for the #100DayProject, and I’m pleased to say I have caught up (for now anyway).  As I was doing this and I do them all in different ways, it occurred to me that some of them might actually qualify as “paintings” albeit very small paintings, and so I have created this special post for the only the ATCs that I created this weekend that were painted.  I have not included the ones that were not “painted” but they will be seen anyway on instagram and in my round up posts which I do for every 10 days.  So before I share the little painted covers, here are the links to all the covers so far in case you need to see them.  You can find a detailed post for my Day 1 project where I went into the ins and outs of what I was doing, and here is a look at the first ten days, days 11-20, days 21-30, days 31-40, and days 41-50.  Days 51-60 will be finished and posted next week.


I really like how this one came out.
When I thought of the cover, I thought it might be a good one to try since it had all those little symbols in the middle that would be fun to draw.
Watercolour, neocolour ii, watercolour pencil, pitt pens

I don’t know what kind of purple flowers Celie references in the book as she talks about a field of purple, so I made some up using various purples. It looks quite impressionistic close up.
watercolour, neocolour ii, paint pens, watercolour pencils, polychromos

This turned out better than I expected lol and I think it’s recognisable as the book cover, though it’s lacking a big gold title at the top. Painted in watercolour, same colour in different strengths/more or less water and nothing else.

Another fun one to do, I did not expect to get much detail in the flowers since it is so small to start with but I like how it turned out and it makes me want to paint more of them.
watercolour using black and payne’s grey only.

I really loved my practice tomato as I thought it looked more tomato-y and I painted it without looking at a real tomato. Then I looked at a real tomato and then painted these ones and I prefer my practice tomato lol.
watercolour, neocolour ii, polychromos

Loved doing this one! watercolour over the graphic sketch, which I left in and didn’t erase as I liked the sketchy lines.
Pitt pens for the hair.  I remember Ralph Fiennes in this movie and his mad dyed hair for the part lol.

This last one is one of my favourites.  I like taking photos along the way but this week/weekend has been so stressful that when I got time to paint I forgot the camera and didn’t want to lose valuable creating time to get it, so this one is the only one where I got to take a photo of the sketch.  Watercolour over the sketch then lots of acrylic paint pen over the top for flowers in the grass.

In our book group, I have been posting photos of just the ATCs without the books and we have been playing “name that book” going mostly by the cover design and sometimes by the quote on the ATC. Not as simple as you’d think since we are based worldwide and books can have so many covers if they have had a lot of reprints and editions.  Some of these particular covers just happen to be from books we have read with the group so there’s been a lot of good guesses this weekend.



Paint Party FridayWeek 2 Year 11 Check-in – So I only recently heard of this site when they announced their ten year anniversary, but isn’t that the way of the internet?  So much of it is word of mouth or serendipity.  Anyway, I’m offering these tiny paintings of book covers on ATC that were all done this weekend.

Now it’s time to get back to the pet hospital and make sure everyone is OK so we can go to sleep – the clocks sprang forward last night and so we are all out of sorts. The clock says 11.30pm but it’s really only 10.30pm and not time for bed!  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!

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April 2, 2021 12:52 am

OMGosh all of these are just magnificent! Each one just gets better and better. You have a real talent for this. Sorry I am so late to comment. I had a bad reaction to the 2nd covid vax. Better now. Have a nice evening.

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