Hi Friends, welcome to May!  A very changeable month to be sure.  Do you know the rhyme:  cast not a clout till May be oot?  It’s very apt, believe me!   Today I am sharing another art journal page and this is my DT project for the MTW May Main Challenge.  This is a special joint challenge this month, we are teaming up with Kraft+ for the Faces and Use Kraft Challenge!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have some pages to fill in last year’s journal and so I have allocated them to the MTW monthly challenges since I have 12 to fill.  So here’s my dilemma – it’s not kraft!  I had thought of using kraft card or even an amazon box and then adding it into the journal later.

But a better solution would be to just paint the pages with some kraft coloured paint!  Still kraft, the result is just the same and I get to save paper which is good for the environment, just like using kraft is!

After a couple of coats were dry, I started sketching out my faces.  As this challenge is about faces plural and it’s May, it made me think of Gemini, so I decided to draw two faces that were like twins, or as close as I could make them anyway lol. I’m making it easier on myself by only drawing half faces but also because of the size of the pages, it would be hard to fit two full faces on them and still see any kraft, so that works out well.

Since my background is now kraft, I had to give the faces a coat of white – it would have been easier to leave them white but then I wouldn’t be painting on a kraft background so it felt like cheating.

I shaded the faces using a combination of artist pens and coloured pencils.

Then I started working on the hair.  At first I thought I would paint something light over the white,but I changed my mind, painted it black and then painted galaxy backgrounds instead because they are astrological star signs after all.

I repeated the same backgrounds in their mouths and eyes.

I found this quote that I liked and wrote it out on some paper and cut it up, thinking that I wanted separate words but then after I did that, i decided I didn’t like it and had to start over lol.

I also added metallic paint splatters to the background and little gold Gemini signs.

I wrote the words out using a different style and kept them together this time, making three strips, which I stuck down and outlined in black.  I also added little white stars to her hair and did her makeup.

Here’s a photo of the finished page, where I am trying to capture the metallic shine in the light.

Here’s my DT inspiration photo which you can find on the challenge announcement post today.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how this page came together.  I hope you feel inspired to enter both challenges this month!  Let me know what you think in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!



DT inspiration for More Than Words May Challenge – Faces and Kraft  and Kraft+ Challenge


My handmade journal
watercolour paper, kraft paint, PITT pens, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, stabilo all, polychromos, watercolour pencils, neocolour II, paint pens, metallic watercolour, waterproof black pen, white paper, PVA

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