Hello again, yes it’s yet another 10 day catch up for the #100DayProject, this time it’s days 81-90 and I am late posting it but not late doing the ATCs as they were all done on the 5th May and I posted about them here, but I didn’t do the proper “official” ten day batch post, so here it is now!  I will schedule this post for later in the week as it’s quite a full schedule this week and there’s a lot to fit in. As for the final ten ATCs for this project, well seven of them are completed and three of them are in progress and should be finished by the time this post has published but here’s a sneak peek at a few of them if you are curious to see what they are!

You can find a detailed post for my Day 1 project where I went into the ins and outs of what I was doing, and here is a look at
the first ten days and
days 11-20
days 21-30
days 31-40
days 41-50
days 51-60
days 61-70
days 71-80
days 81-90 (this post!)
For this post, I am presenting the finished projects for days 81 to 90 which has a couple of covers that I like and a few that I don’t.

The ones I really like are The Piano (though it looks nothing like Holly Hunter from the book cover), The Secret River, Hand in Glove and The Day of the Triffids.  This is not my idea of what a triffid looks like but OK.  I do think it turned out quite well though and quite like the book cover triffid.  The ones I don’t like are the Anne of Green Gables one, and the one for Bridget Jones, really messed those up.  The rest are OK.



#The100dayproject – Day 81-90
So why ATCs and why these books?  Well in order to make it easier on myself and therefore make it more likely that I could do all 100 days, I thought ATCs would be perfect.  Then I thought of book quotes handwriting them, perfect way to practice my lettering and also indulge my love of books.  So what books?  The first 25 books are all books with elements of magic in them (fantasy, supernatural, urban fantasy, vampires, witches, werewolves etc) and then I changed to modern fiction and so on but now with only 30 books left I have some difficult choices to make!  As with the first 25 books, all books must be taken from my shelves and be actual physical books, no ebooks, no audiobooks!  I have also started taking elements from the book covers and incorporating them in the ATCs so they are starting to look like mini book covers and we’ve been playing “name that book” in our book group lol. [icon name=”book-reader” style=”solid” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

So tell me, which is your favourite book and which is your favourite cover, if any? Let me know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!

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