Morning friends!  Today I have my second GSL DT post for May and this time, I have another card this time featuring a galaxy background and some heat embossed elements. As this card features some star sign constellations it could be used as a birthday card or a general encouragement card.

Galaxy Background

Cut a piece of watercolour paper measuring 5.5 x 8.5 inches.  Start the design by drawing in some zodiac constellations.  You can find a chart of all zodiac constellations here.

For this card, I used Taurus, Gemini and Cancer and drew them in with a wax pencil.  You can also use a wax crayon instead.  You could draw random patterns instead of star signs or you could draw one big one using the star sign of the card recipient.

For my galaxy background I started off with this lovely cobalt turquoise colour.

Then I added in some purples and payne’s grey.

Keep adding paint and layers, drying in between until you are happy with how it looks.  For an extra pop of colour I added this bright green in the centre along with some magenta.  You can see the star signs peeking through the watercolour.

Adding star details

Once the watercolour background is dry, I added some white acrylic paint splatters to represent stars of various sizes. If the constellations are too faint, you can refresh them with the same wax pencil to make them brighter.

Use a stiff bristle brush and flick the paint to add a fine spray and then splatter some bigger drops.

For added interest add some gold metallic ink splatter to the background.

Chipboard Embellishments

For the sentiment I used this Smile curly word chipboard but I cut it in half to fit on the card front, then gave it a coat of white gesso.


Once the gesso is dry, I used some white embossing powder to heat emboss the word and the curly tail.

I also used these gold stars that were already altered in this post and glued them into place using PVA glue.

To make the card base, use one piece of 8.5 x 11 inch card, fold it in half to make 8.5 x 5.5 size, and adhere the card front to it and that’s the card completed. The finished card is approximately A5 sized.  What can I say, I like big cards!

Thanks for making it all the way to the end. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Project Recipe:

Smile curly word D147E
Deco Stars D88S
watercolour paper, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, white wax pencil or crayon, card base, white embossing powder, embossing ink, white gesso

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July 21, 2021 4:20 pm

You are so talented dear! This is a beautiful card.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
May 29, 2021 2:46 pm

This is a beautiful card. Just confirms why I don’t make cards. Yours is fabulous. I love the constellations, and the gold paint, too.

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