Hello everyone, and happy Saturday!  We are getting really close to the end of the month now but I do have another language inspired page to share with you today.  This time it is all about the mysterious language of crochet!

As you know, I am Guest Hosting the May challenge over on Art Journal Journey this month and my chosen theme is…


Once upon a time I tried to teach myself how to crochet but I never really got very far or past doing single crochet and chain stitch, so that was very limiting.  Any time I looked at a pattern in a magazine it was filled with coded charts and abbreviations for things I didn’t know about. That was when I was a kid, luckily something eventually clicked and I could understand the secret codes, but I still remember when I couldn’t understand them at all.  It is very much like a secret language of codes and symbols and abbreviations and you have to be a member of the secret society of crochet to understand it all.  LOL So my page today features a background of crochet patterns in their different forms, some stencilled runes that remind me of crochet symbols, and some of my crochet cotton flowers.

Here’s a few process photos to show how it came together, just click them to see a larger version…

I started off with some photocopies of crochet patterns.  I tore up all the pattern pages and collaged them onto my page.

Crochet terms mean different things in the US v UK.  For example “single crochet” in the US means “double crochet” in the UK.

This could cause problems if you don’t realise the pattern is a US pattern as a single crochet stitch in the UK is totally different.

A typical crochet pattern will look similar to this… written in mysterious crochet language, or abbreviations.

Crochet patterns can also look like this.  Some people prefer this to the written patterns, helpful if you are a more visual learner, confusing if not!

In order to read the pattern on the left, you need a key to identify the stitches that make up the pattern. Some of these symbols remind me of runes.

After all the collaging, I added some gesso to the page but then I decided to make the page blue instead using this blue fluid acrylic.  As I was looking at the page and wondering what to do next, I was thinking that some of the crochet stitches reminded me of runes, so I grabbed this rune stencil and some texture paste and added some runes!

I added some white acrylic ink and really wanted to add magenta but I kept resisting, so I added some gold instead, but still felt it was missing some COLOUR so I ended up adding the magenta after all lol. I copied out a meme about crochet that I think is funny, and then added some white crocheted flowers.  Funny thing was that when I started this page, I was going to use some yellow crocheted flowers that I made, but then the page went off in a different colour direction and so the yellow flowers no longer fit, so I had to go with white, luckily I had three already made.  Since I added flowers, I also drew some stems and leaves using a black pencil, and used the same pencil to draw some of the crochet stitch symbols I think look like runes.

Here are some closer looks, click for bigger…


Since we’re talking crochet, here’s something I am currently crocheting for a friend’s birthday.  They will be little nesting baskets when they are finished. I’m halfway through the second of three baskets.

Oh and since we’re talking journal pages, here is a little flower journal band I made for one of my journals to keep it closed.

And that’s enough crochet for today!

Only a few more days left to join me at Art Journal Journey this month.  Language is all about communication, and I would love to see you communicate using language on your pages, in whatever form you choose. I have a lot of ideas for language-inspired spreads to share with you over the course of this month, so do keep checking back if you need some inspiration or ideas, or even just to say hi!  I can’t wait to see what you do with this month’s theme and I will be dropping by to see all your lovely creations.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you like to crochet, let me know that too.  As always, thanks for reading!


My handmade journal containing 200gsm watercolour paper, crochet patterns for collage, matte gel medium, white gesso, manganese blue, black fluid acrylic, magenta, white, gold acrylic ink, rune stencil, texture paste, black pencil, black card, white gel pen, white crocheted flowers, glue,


Art Journal Journey – Language – May Challenge For the language theme I chose the mysterious secret language of crochet!

Funkie Junkie – Anything Goes

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May 31, 2021 10:28 am

A really l interesting page for your AJJ theme Elle. The background textures look great and your croquet pieces look beautiful. Knitting was my hobby, but I never tried croquet, it always looked and seemed to complicated never mind trying to read a pattern as well.
Stay safe and thank you for all the inspiration you shared with us this month.
Yvonne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth
May 31, 2021 3:40 am

Wow, this is a fabulous take on language. I like your style and how you seem to always think outside the box. Thanks for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey using your theme, dear Elle.

Nancy Williams
May 31, 2021 1:15 am

I love those words! So fun. Crochet is like magic! Love yoyr page and your crocheted items! Fab post!

May 31, 2021 12:35 am

I love the use of language on your journal spread. The crochet flowers are just darling. Thanks for joining the Funkie Junkie challenge. ~Janna FJ DT

May 30, 2021 6:19 pm

I think I need to stick to sewing and knitting – I have tried so many times to learn to crochet but it is a language and skill I don’t think I will ever master! Love this page and seeing all of your crocheted items. Hugs, Chrisx

Erika N
May 30, 2021 1:31 pm

Clever idea Elle. Crochet and knitting have a language of their own for sure. I am more of a knitter but I can crochet, and after reading your story I can relate. My grandmother tried to teach me how knit when I was a kid and the symbols and letters didn’t click either. But then when I got into my twenties and a friend showed me, it clicked. My friend was impressed with what i could do so quickly, and I think it was because it was still someplace in my brain from being a kid. You’re page today is amazing. I love the little crochet flowers and the rune looking designs and the whole page! Happy Sunday to you. Hugs-Erika

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