Hello everyone, We are one day closer to the weekend though I don’t like to wish the days away, I am a bit tired and could use a break.  We had some warmer weather which was nice for a change, I say that like it’s gone but it’s still nice today, around 21C with a light breeze, but it was around 24-25C before that and the cats are all zonked out and it makes me a little tired though I LOVE being warm!  Yesterday was my friend’s birthday and if you saw yesterday’s post, I made her some nesting baskets and this tag which is based on that big cardboard painting I did a few weeks ago only a gazillion times smaller lol.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since last week

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So ICAD started yesterday so I thought I would clear off my desk and have a tidy up so I could get started and pull out all my ICAD supplies I’ve been hoarding.  I have two different sizes as I am not sure which one I want to use this time.

I like a clean/er desk when I’m about to start a new project, but it never lasts long.  If you were here yesterday you would also have seen this:

Yes she totally stole my water, but the only reason they are both on the desk at all is because I cleared it off and so they took the opportunity to jump up there.  The tasty water was just a bonus!  So here is the current state of my desk.  It’s long so I tried taking it at an angle on my phone to try and fit it all in.  Everything except what is on the top of the drawing board, stays where it is usually.  Everything on the drawing board needs to leave!  The box on the right contains most of my calligraphic inks, the bigger one behind it has more,plus all the writing implements, dip pens, nibs etc.  That one is quite handy as the top part has a lid that opens up and the bottom is a drawer.  It’s actually an antique canteen of cutlery I bought years ago in an antique shop in Ascot, but had no cutlery in it, just the box. It was not covered in cat stickers then either lol.

Sitting on top are some of my current journals all being worked in at the same time, depending on what I’m doing and what is dry and what is still wet.

A couple of my almost complete, more complete? journals are in front as I had them out to check on a few things and hadn’t put them back on the shelf – I have a problem putting things back on shelves,hence the mess on my desk lol.  There is also a big jar of water waiting for me, this is the jar I managed to spill all over the desk at the weekend!  There is also an inkstone there in a little box, I found it when I cleared the desk!  It’s been missing for a while…

These cards I made months ago as part of a Life Book lesson.  I made two sets, one for me and one for a friend, and put them away because her birthday is not for a while, and managed to put mine away with hers and forget about them, so I moved them to the desk today so that they can get some use!

Just behind that are some other random necessary things on my desk haha. From left to right, a little handmade bowl with some mindfulness cards in it, a big ceramic watercolour palette with a lid, a fish dish full of gold clips, a little box of mindfulness tiles, another handmade bowl full of bits and pieces – including Dina Wakley collage words that I never use, I bought them because I thought they would be useful, but I don’t find them useful for me anyway – two spray bottles, the small one had coffee or tea in it, the one behind is a TH water bottle, and behind that a couple of candles in tins – did I mention I make candles sometimes?

This was in the main desk photo sticking out of a plastic tub and it’s been on my desk since about February and still not used.  I was going to use it in a March journal spread, didn’t and so here it is still.  I pulled it out today to make sure it goes on a page ASAP.

And finally, should be on a shelf but always on my desk, are my beloved Neo IIs. When I swapped rooms and rearranged everything, I gave them their own place on a shelf but they’re rarely on the shelf, I use them so often they tend to live on my desk.  This is one of those TH vignette boxes which is perfect storage for them and I can see them all at a glance.

And now my amazon delivery is just about to arrive and I’m super excited about what’s in it.  I haven’t ordered anything in forever, so I need to finish here and go eagerly wait for him at the front door!

Let me know what you think in the comments. If you have any questions about anything in this post, just ask.  As always, thanks for reading!


everything on my desk!


WOYWW #626 – Here I am linking up and showing what is on my desk today (I’m number #27 in the linkup)  Happy WOYWW!

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15 thoughts on “ICAD Getting Ready and Catching Up

  1. Susan Renshaw says:

    What a lot to look at Elle!
    I too have a pile of journals either being worked on or drying!
    Just completed a page that was a Natalie May workshop started some time ago. It takes lockdown to get it finished!
    Happy WoYww!
    Susan #17

  2. Maureen Roffey says:

    Hi Elle, Thanks for popping by – you have so much going on its wonderful to see. My furkids (2 daschund crosses) would love to jump up on my desk while I work – alas not enough room for that LOL! Stay safe & well Cheers Maurs xxx #12

  3. Julia says:

    Love the lettering on the journal cover there. Here’s a funny split second…as I read about your cutlery box purchased in Ascot, my mind said that it wasn’t covered in stickers when you bought it, and then there were the very words! Love the way your Neos are arranged, am very drawn to the colours arranged like that, very pleasing. And good luck with the iPad run….picking card sizes would be enough to make me get behind!!

    • Empire of the Cat says:

      haha yes they don’t do antiques covered in cat stickers in Ascot do they lol. About the Neos, I’ve tried different options for storing them and this is the best by far. I’m already behind with ICAD lol

  4. Lindart says:

    Hi Elle! Thanks for your visit! I don’t remember seeing you before, but so glad to meet you and your beautiful cats! Seems we have black cats in common! I love your cat art, and have been wanting to get into that for while now, I add the cats when I can. You have been very busy, I love all your little journals and booklets. And just like me, you find things you thought you lost when tidying up (really where can things go? It’s not like we take them out of our art room! LOL!). I’m still waiting for a missing stamp to turn up! Have a great week, Lindart #30

  5. Felicia says:

    Elle, I love your gorgeousness on your desk! Everything is so pretty and colorful! I would love to have a peak inside that ink and pen/nib box!! Dip pen and inking is one of my favorite mediums!! I laughed at your kitty stickers! Too cute!!! Happy crafting with the ICAD challenge. I have never done one, although I have seen many posted! From the looks of all your other gorgeous projects, I am sure your ICAD’s will be the same!! Your kitties are precious, we just have to love them don’t we??? Thank you for stopping by my desk and your comment! We did have a great time!! Have a wonderful rest of your week and blessings to you! Felicia #23

  6. Tracey says:

    Looks like you have been having a super creative time recently, so many lovely colourful makes and gifts in your post. Always good to keep those precious crafty go too’s close to hand they get used so much more when near by. Hope your amazon treat arrived, enjoy.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #5

  7. Helen Lindfield says:

    well there is a lot on your desk but like you, I have my “stuff” close at hand to use often. you’ve certainly got lots done this week. Have a great and equally creative, week. Helen #1

  8. Nolwenn says:

    ooooh I love the state of your desk, it means that creativity is going full swing 😀
    I have always been intrigued by ICAD…
    What is a “TH vignette box” ?

    • Empire of the Cat says:

      Hi Nolween, thanks for visiting! By “TH Vignette box” I mean one of Tim Holtz’s products called a vignette box which are designed for art using some of his other products especially his Ideology line, but I like them for storage lol, and check out ICAD you might enjoy it!

  9. Angela Radford says:

    Hi Elle, I have to be honest I’ve been out Lol! We have a friend who is going into hospital soon and our little group of retired teachers just wanted to wish her all the best so we sat and had coffee but I’m back now. Gorgeous projects on the desk today and loving your kitties too. Wishing you a very happy woyww and a lovely week too. Angela x13x

  10. Shoshi says:

    What a delightful post, Elle, so full of colour and variety! Lots of gorgeous creativity going on. I smiled at the kitties on the desk helping themselves to your water!! Thank you for your visit and for all your good wishes. Both kitties disgraced themselves in my hubby’s absence, but since his return, they’ve both been good as gold. Typical! The breast unit phoned this a.m. and they want me to go in tomorrow morning to discuss my biopsy results. I’ll keep everyone informed.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #11

  11. Sarah Brennan says:

    Great photos this week Elle – love seeing all your supplies and those prompt cards are great – I bet your friend loves her set when she gets them. Good luck with the ICAD project. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #14 (I had a lie in for the holidays).

  12. LLJ says:

    Wow, so many gorgeous things to look at on your desk this week! I can see why you kept the eyes, they’re beautiful and will look amazing as part of a piece of artwork. I loved the multi coloured tag too, bet your friend was made up by her gift. But my fav pic was the drawer of Neos – love all those colours!!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xxx

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