This photo came up in my facebook memories today and it made me smile to see it as I’d forgotten all about it as it was from 2014.  Today is a sad anniversary though so it was nice to see her when she was her happy, healthy, beautiful self…

It was from June 13th 2014 which happened to be a Friday (13th) and so I had posted it because people tend to associate black cats with bad luck but for me they have always meant good luck, and adopting this beautiful girl was very very good luck indeed for both of us.  Sadly though exactly a year later on June 13th 2015 I lost her and it broke my heart.  I want to celebrate the awesomeness that was her in these photos…

She liked nothing more than to have lots of cuddles, any time I sat down or lay down she was there ready to be a lap cat. She was like that from day one.

And she loved the sunshine, in fact that was one of the words she knew.  If the sun was shining in the window when we got up, I would call out “sunshine” and she would come running to get the sunny spot on the window

She loved wearing her little pink lace bow

And she loved cuddle time with her buddy Wombat.  They had been together since they were weeks old and he was also so very sad when we lost her and even though he was obviously sad, he tried to comfort me by putting his paw on my hand like he was holding it and we would sit like that for hours.

Here they are together enjoying a catmint session together,


And of course more cuddle time

She was eight weeks old when I got her and we spent 17 happy years together.  I wish it could have been longer.  Miss you every day sweet girl.

I did some sketching last year on the anniversary, and I would love to do more, but it is hard sometimes to think about her or look at photos without crying, even now.

As always, thanks for reading!


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